One on one coaching program

Private setting
Personalized attention
Customized topics

Group coaching program

Group setting
Learning & connect with smart women like you
Be a part of community

One on one coaching program

Name: Mastering your mind to 10 X performance

Duration : 12 week

Format: Weekly video calls for 1 hour duration

This program is perfect for you if you like:

  • Private setting
  • Personalized attention
  • Customized topics

Are you a smart and ambitious woman playing a leadership role in her career who desires to have it all?

Would you like to go after that high visibility leadership position without compromising on time for yourself or missing out on your kid’s school function and taking your attractive body along with you, the one that you maintain through regular work out and clean eating?

Then you are in the right place. I help women like you do exactly that. You might think it’s not possible, that you have to compromise on a few areas in life in order to succeed in others.

But that couldn’t be farther from truth.

Not only is this balance across key areas of your life (Health, career and relationships) possible, it’s actually necessary, if you want to have extraordinary performance.

It’s the happiness and fulfillment in your life brought by this balance that gives you an edge and increases your performance 10 times or more.

This program will help you become CEO of your life so you live life like a boss,  perform at 10 X level while feeling happy and fulfilled without ever compromising on anything that’s important to you.

This will be the best investment you will ever make in yourself. The program is tailored as per your needs, it gets you personalized attention that helps you get lightning fast results.

You can really have it all. And it's fun. Let's get it for you!

Group coaching program

Name: Rock star women ‘mastering your mind’ program

Duration: 12 week

Format: Weekly 1 hour video calls in a small intimate group of  6-8 women like you

This program is perfect for you if you like:

  • Group setting
  • Learning & connecting with smart women like you
  • Being a part of community

Are you a working woman who feels guilty of not doing enough for her family?

Are you extremely busy and can’t find time to do all that you want to?

Do you crave for time for yourself but feel selfish and guilty when you prioritize it?

Do you get negatively affected by what others say?

If you can relate to the above, then you are going to love this program. These are the common struggles of other women I work with, just like you.

You think you will be happy and fulfilled when you do it all perfectly.. 

But actually it is the other way round …

It’s only when you feel happy and fulfilled in your life that you start to get it all perfect. And this perfect is not as per anybody else’s standard but yours!

When you learn how to manage your mind, you learn how to create your own happiness in any situation

Join other women like you to acquire this super power and turn into a Rock Star woman who is :

Bold … in making decisions

Self confident .... she doesn’t hide from her goals due to hear fears

Deliberate … she makes deliberate choices in life

Powerful … she is well aware of her power and exercises it gracefully

In control … she is in control of her mind

Authentic … she nurtures and celebrates her uniqueness

Program is offered in groups of 6-8 women as it provides the benefit of being a part of a community and developing a close connection with other rock star women passionate about their growth just like you.

These women build each other up and help each other be successful.

Group coaching is incredibly effective.

When you see other women like you being coached, you can look at it in an unbiased way and get very valuable insights to improve your life without even uttering a single word sometimes

These could be insights you did not even realize you needed. Being with smart, ambitious, passionate women like you can help you grow exponentially, while having lots of fun

So are you ready to take your life to the next level and have some fun !