Are you an ambitious woman leader who feels overwhelmed or stressed ?

Then you are in the right place …

You feel a huge disconnect between your high achieving life and the guilt and anxiety that drain you?
You believe in women’s empowerment … but you do not always feel empowered yourself
Others think you have it all …
and yet ...
you don’t feel like you are enough

You are not alone my friend. As much as you might think your issues are unique , the other women struggle with them too - whether it’s you sister in law, or your neighbor or even your boss. She might appear all that confident on the outside, but she too struggles with the same issues on the inside…

On the Outside …. We are experts in our field. We have advanced degrees, incredible talent, amazing accomplishments and everything that screams ‘THE PERFECT LIFE’

but on the inside ?

We feel insecure
We’re anxious
We engage in self doubt
We feel guilty
We beat ourselves up
We think we are not enough

What we really want is just to be happy and peaceful

But how does one become genuinely happy inside? 

Well, it's only possible when we learn to manage our state of mind

Our state of mind shapes our experience of life. When we acquire the superpower of managing our mind, our experience is no longer reactive. We learn how to be deliberate about our experience irrespective of what our circumstances are.

This is the SUPERPOWER I help my clients acquire.

Equipped with this, my clients learn to create their own happiness and acquire an unshakable confidence to create an extraordinary life for them.

Look, we can only contribute to our loved ones and the world at large when we feel free and liberated ourselves 

I know it because I experienced it …

  • I received fancy degrees (Engineering and MBA from top institutes)
  • I worked in for 13 years in diverse leadership roles in large MNCs like Deloitte Consulting and Diageo
  • I immersed myself in spiritual experiences since my childhood
  • I had a loving support system in form of my husband, my son, extended family and friends

Yet, I often felt like an impostor, anxious, insecure, disempowered in my own life. I often doubted myself and gave too much attention to what others think and say.

When I discovered life coaching, it gave me the tools that shifted my thought process and the results were marvelous.

These tools are a gift that cut to the chase and enable huge transformations rather quickly. I use them on myself and my clients everyday and am blown away by their simplicity and power.

They work. They deliver fast results. Results are lasting and faster than any other self growth program you may have experienced before. 

My clients are a testimony to that. They see results within weeks of coaching...

They feel better
They learn how to exercise their own power in day to day situations
They stop engaging in self criticism
Their brains start to work for them rather than against them
Their focus shifts from what’s wrong with others to ..what’s right with them and their lives
They start to think deeply about their lives
They acquire self confidence to set and achieve big goals
They don’t hide from their life … they aren’t afraid to fail
They live bigger more interesting lives  … one they were always meant to live

What about you?

Would you like to live the life of your dreams? 

If yes, join me inside. I will be honored to be your coach. 

Lets do this !